Custom Cables

Made to order Cables.

Custom cables, made to your specifications.

 Multiple cable options are available in a wide variety of components.

Conductor Types

Shielding Options

Cable Jacket Options




Bare Copper

Aluminized Mylar (Foil)

Braided Nylon

Tinned Copper

Braided Copper


Silver Plated Copper

Spiral (Served) Copper


Nickel Plated Copper

(Tin, Silver, or Nickel Plated)


Copper Clad Steel

Stainless Steel

Teflon® PTFE Tape

High Strength Copper Alloy

Aluminized Kapton (Hi Temp)

Teflon® FEP



Teflon® PFA

Insulation Options


Tefzel® ETFE




Polyethylene (PE)



Cross-linked PVC (XLPVC)



Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)



Teflon® PTFE



Teflon® FEP



Teflon® PFA



Tefzel® ETFE









Please contact us with your custom cable requirements.



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