Wire Harness Accessories

RDS Wire & Cable, Inc. carries a variety of wire and cable harness accessories.


Copper Braid

Shielding and Grounding braid, Tubular or Flat, braided from Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Sliver Plated Copper or Nickel Plated Copper.

Buss Wire

QQW-343 and A-A-59551 Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Silver or Nickle plated Copper wire with no insulation applied.  For use in grounding connectors, as jumpers, and in bus bar applications.

Lacing Tape

Braided Lacing Tape for tying and routing wire or cable bundles.

Made from Nylon, Polyester, Teflon®, Fiberglass, or Nomex®

Meets or exceeds:  MIL-T-43435 and AA52080, AA52081, AA52082, AA52083, AA52084

Cable Ties

Cable Ties manufacturered from Nylon, High Temperature Teflon, or Tefzel. For wire bundling and routing of wire or cable harnesses.

Solder Termination


Heat shrinkable splice and shield termination sleeves.  The splices contain a ring of solder which will flow when heat is applied to the sleeve.  The heat shrinkable outer covering will shrink and seal the termination as the solder flows,greatly improving speed in the application of the splice or shield termination.

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