Expandable Monofilament Braid (EMF)

EMF - Expandable MonoFilament

EMF is a tough, lightweight jacketing material for bundling wire or cable. It can be used as abrasion protection or as a cosmetic jacket for wire and cable groups. The sleeving is braided from individual strands of monofilaments to form a tube, which will expand in diameter to accommodate a wide range of wire/cable bundles. The nominal sizes and usable size ranges are listed in the individual datasheets.

Common uses include wire harnesses, cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable groupings, hoses, and tubing. The sleeving is durable enough to provide cut-through and abrasion resistance, and because it is an open weave design, it prevents condensation, and allows easy visual inspection. The expansion characteristic makes EMF easy to slip on, and the excellent flexibility makes it ideal for robotic and other continuous flex applications.

EMF is available in many different monofilament materials, allowing a wide rage of applications from general purpose, to high temperature or flame retardant, to extreme environmental conditions using high performance polymers.



General Purpose

PET (Polyethyene Terephthalate)



General Purpose

PET specially constructed to Cut Clean with scissors



Flame Retardant

PET treated for flame retardance



Flame Retardant

FR specially constructed to Cut Clean with scissors



Heavy Duty

PET braided from 50% thicker strands



High Temperature

Halar® Braid for 150oC operating temperatures



General Purpose

Wrappable Split Braided Tube



High Temperature

PFA Braid for 260 oC operating temperatures



General Purpose

Tight Weave for improved coverage & abrasion resistance


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