PTFE Teflon(R) Tubing

PTFE Spaghetti Tubing

PTFE Teflon® Tubing (Polytetrafluoroehtylene)


High temperature and chemically resistant tubing with excellent dielectric properties.

This tubing has tight tolerances for concentricity and wall thickness and is chemically inert to solvents, alkalies, acids, and salts, making it ideal for stringent chemical environments.

Operating temperature:  200oC


The same tubing is also available in several different wall thicknesses:

Standard Wall

Thin Wall

Lightweight Wall

Ultralight Wall


PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction, making it unable to bond to other substrates with common adhesives.  


RDS Wire can surface treat PTFE tubing with an 'Etching' system that will allow potting and bonding with common compounds.  See our Capabilities and Processing:  Etching of Teflon for more information


Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont

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