Copper Braid, Tinned, Bare, Silver Plated, Nickel Plated

Braided Copper for EMI Sheilding or for use as a Grounding Straps

Available in round (tubular) and flat forms, copper strands are braided to form a tube.

These braids can be fabricated from Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, Silver Plated Copper or Nickel Plated Copper.  Tinned Copper is used when solderability and corrosion are of concern.  Sliver Plated and Nickel Plated will perform at higher temperatures, and many of the constructions are also available with Stainless Steel  or Aluminum strands. 

They are manufactured, where applicable, to meet two Federal specifications:

QQB575 and A-A-59569

Tinned Copper Flat Braid

Tinned Copper Round (Tubular) Braid

Bare Copper Flat Braid

Bare Copper Round (Tubular) Braid

Silver Plated Copper Flat Braid

Silver Plated Copper Round (Tubular) Braid

Nickel Plated Copper Round (Tubular) Braid

Aluminium Round (Tubular) Braid

Stainless Steel Round (Tubular) Braid



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