Commercial Wire and Cable Products

General purpose wire insulated with PVC or Polyethylene are standard products at RDS Wire & Cable. Higher temperature wires with FEP, PTFE, Silicone, Mica and Fiberglass are also available. Specialty wire products include extremely flexible, highly stranded wire with PVC or Silicone insulations, and very thin wall PVC insulation in UL Style 1571.

RDS carries a wide variety of communication and control cables with PVC and Polyethylene insulations. Multi-conductor or multi-paired cables as well as coaxial cables are available.

RDS maintains large stocks of insulation sleeving, whether heat shrinkable or in fixed sizes. Insulation types include Braided Fiberglass, PVC, Polyolefin, PTFE Teflon®, FEP Teflon®, micro miniature Polyimide, Silicone Rubber and Silicone Resin, Viton®, Kapton® and Nylon.

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